When you walk into Woods Park Tennis, you have the feeling of place...of community.

This is a special place, from the echo of the ball exploding off the racquet, the squeaking of the shoes on the court, to the joy on the faces of the kids racing to get inside to play. It's a place of escape, friendship, competition, and growth.

Woods Park Tennis is more than tennis.

Woods Park Tennis Center strives to provide opportunities for everyone to enjoy tennis. Whether a child trying out an activity for the first time, a junior looking for that edge to obtain a college scholarship, or an adult looking for the challenge of raising their game to the next level or staying in shape with cardio tennis, Woods Tennis has it. As a public facility, Woods Tennis offers what each individual needs in an extremely welcoming environment.

When people come to Woods, they feel at home. Woods Park Tennis is that place for all of us.

Now it's our turn to make sure future generations have the opportunity to experience the community of Woods Park Tennis.